Success rates of non traditional college students in supplemental instruction supported courses at Texas Woman's University




Boaz, Cammy

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Nontraditional students often juggle more roles and face additional academic challenges compared to traditional students. Nontraditional students are returning to higher education in pursuit of change or betterment in their career path opportunities. They return focused on a goal, motivated to conquer the complex, concurrent roles that potentially hinder them from reaching their academic goals. Recognizing the pressures of the many roles that nontraditional students are managing, Supplemental Instruction and Tutoring (SIT) provides a peer support system that is critical in connecting this type of student to the university. This study compares success rates of nontraditional and traditional students enrolled in courses supported by a hybrid Supplemental Instruction (SI) program at Texas Woman’s University (TWU). This hybrid version was developed and implemented at TWU as part of the Comprehensive Student Success Program (CSSP) grant which captured data for four freshman level courses during Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, and Spring 2015. By recognizing the growing presence of nontraditional students, institutions of higher education can provide programs to better support their academic goals.