Breaking through the binary, shifting the conversation: A multi-perspective conversation on gay marriage and queer equality




Marconi, Samantha

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The dominant conversation of gay marriage legalization is currently centered on a limited "for or against" debate which places the Queer community and its allies in favor of legalization and everyone else in opposition. This limited "movement/countermovement" dynamic obscures and denies the complexities and different conversations taking place among supporters of Queer equality. Through an examination of diverse scholarship on same-sex marriage, this paper brings the cautions and critiques of the current gay marriage issue as presented by Critical Legal scholars and Radical scholars into dialogue with Liberal scholars and activists in order to propose a new way of conceptualizing the movement for Queer equality. This paper discusses the current issue of gay marriage as a binary debate, highlights multiple and diverse scholarly opinions on same-sex marriage, and argues for a more inclusive conversation of same-sex marriage and a multi-perspective strategy for Queer equality.



Womens studies, GLBT Studies, Gender studies, Social sciences