Implications of cultural mistrust on diagnosis and services for students with ADHD




Brown, Carmen

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Texas Woman s University


The purpose of this study was to investigate variables that impact parental agreement with a diagnosis and acceptance of related services for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for their child. Specifically, this study attempted to discern whether cultural mistrust, ethnicity, level of education, and SES affected agreement or acceptance. Ninety-three parents participated in completing survey questions to determine level of cultural mistrust and perceptions regarding the diagnosis of ADHD and services provided within the school setting. Multiple and Hierarchical regressions were completed investigating the impact of each of the aforementioned variables on agreement with a diagnosis and acceptance of services. Additionally, a one way ANOVA was conducted to determine differences in cultural mistrust between Caucasians and Minorities. Results showed that higher levels of education predicted more willingness to accept services related to ADHD in the school setting, while cultural mistrust, ethnicity, and SES did not have a predictive relationship with either agreement with a diagnosis or acceptance of services. These results provide information about parental cultural mistrust in relation to services that may be offered for ADHD in the context of school. Furthermore, school psychologists can apply these results to guide interactions with parents of children diagnosed with ADHD when offering these services.