Cultural identities and interconnections in secondary education




Blas, Jessann Duenas

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For several decades now, scholars have deemed that multicultural education meets students' cultural learning needs and promotes positive attitudes and interactions towards cultural differences but have debated issues regarding the curricular approaches and strategies. In my thesis, I argue that in order to meet all students' needs, middle school educators must explore their cultural identities and interconnections with their students. In addition, they must conduct cross-cultural comparisons with their students and colleagues so that they can develop multicultural consciousness and transformations. When we perceive each other through our interconnections as similar beings with accepted differences, and we provide each other with civility, then we are guaranteed the rights that we naturally should have despite our historical and social past. It is through teaching and education that social change can take effect to provide for all identities, especially our youths' cultural identities, to flourish and live.



Education, Social Sciences, Culture, Education, Identities, Interconnections, Middle school, Multicultural