Let's Thrive: A Health and Wellness Program for Seniors




Johnson, Dominique

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For many professions, including occupational therapy, healthy aging and maintaining the quality of life among seniors are essential. As individuals age, addressing their needs/preferences is vital to ensure well-being and overall life satisfaction. With a holistic approach, occupational therapists can empower seniors to maintain their independence, participate in meaningful activities, and engage in fulfilling relationships. The occupation of health management addresses activities related to developing, managing, and maintaining health and wellness routines. According to the literature, occupation-based interventions related to health management are effective in improving occupational performance and quality of life in older adults (Berger et al., 2018). The primary aim of this capstone project was to design and implement a comprehensive health and wellness program tailored for older adults that focused on the occupation of health management. It encompassed activities that emphasized promoting social and emotional well- being, physical activity, and symptom and condition management for health conditions commonly encountered by residents.



Seniors, Health and wellness, Health management, Physical activity, Leisure