The effects of music relaxation training on brainwave activity

Heft, Kimberly
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The effect of music relaxation training on brainwave activity was measured using two right handed females as subjects. Experimental conditions of (a) silence, (b) sedative music, and (c) stimulative music were presented before and after an intensive two week music relaxation training period. Brainwave activity was measured and examined relative to peak microvoltage and activity within frequency bands. The purpose of this study was to determine whether or not music relaxation training can affect brainwave activity under silence and contrasting music conditions. Pre and post readings were compared to data base norms accessible in the Bio-logic Brain Atlas computer program. No s ignificant c ycle to cycle deviations we r e f ound. Microvoltage means were calculated to perform matched t-tests on the two frequency bands of delta and alpha using BMDP Statistical Software. No significant differences were found among the change scores of the microvoltage means for each of the three conditions.

Music therapy, Bio-Logic Brain Atlas, Sedative music, Stimulative music