Parents' desire for involvement in the care of their children in a pediatric intensive care unit

Walls, Donna
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This descriptive study examined the desire of parents with children in a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) to be involved in eight selected child-care activities. The Parental Desire for Involvement in Child-care Activities questionnaire, developed by the researcher, was used to gather data.

Forty-five parents or children in a PICU completed questionnaires. The selected child-care activities were ranked according to means. Most parents indicated they wished to be involved in all of the child-care activities. The most important activities identified were "to learn as much as possible about the tubes and equipment in my child's room" and "to hold my child."

No significant differences were found in parents' desire to be involved in child-care activities in the PICU according to amount of time the child had been there, age or child, acuity level of child, number of previous hospitalizations experienced by the child, and relationship to the child.

Nursing, Health and environmental sciences