We Are in This Together: Latinx Preservice Bilingual Teachers Activating their Cultural Wealth to Navigate College




Grosso Richins, Liliana

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There is a paucity of research on how Latinx students who face linguistic oppression, hostility, discrimination, and shortcomings in higher education settings achieve their academic goals. The purpose of this phenomenological study is to describe how Latinx preservice bilingual teachers at a north Texas university activate their aspirational, cultural, linguistic, familial, social, navigational and resistant capitals to achieve positive outcomes. Five key themes emerged from preliminary data collected: participants related their ability to effectively navigate college life and achieve success to the expectations of their families; their network of friends and coworkers; their own initiative and discipline; their linguistic and cultural skills; and their professional and personal goals. This study’s report of Latinx preservice bilingual teachers’ shared experiences is intended to enrich the discourse on the critical need that U.S. colleges have of providing experiences that nurture and sustain the cultural wealth of Latinx students in teacher education programs. (Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Rebecca Fredrickson)