Lived experiences of Pentecostal clergy in Ghana:perceptions of work-life balance on families and communities




Bonsu, Samuel

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The Ghanaian Pentecostal clergy have been at the forefront of providing counseling, social amenities, and moral and financial support to their congregations, communities, and families. Attending to all these has contributed to work-related stress affecting the clergy’s work and family life; yet, limited research has been conducted on this population. This qualitative study utilized phenomenological methodology to gain insight into the lived experiences of Ghanaian Pentecostal clergy and how their work-related stress influences their work and family life. Social exchange theory was used as the theoretical framework in gaining insight and understanding into perceptions of clergy’s work. Twenty-one participants from southern regions of Ghana were recruited via purposive sampling method. The researcher used multiple data collection sources: (a) demographic questionnaire, (b) semi-structured interviews, (c) follow-up observations, and (d) field notes. Data were coded using In-Vivo, Holistic, Focus, and Value coding. Three major themes emerged: (a) clergy role as benefactor to congregation, community, and family; (b) clergy experience in congregation, family, and community; and (c) clergy self-care. This research has implications for family scientists, family life educators, policymakers, and faith-based organizations.



Philosophy, religion and theology, Education, Burnout, Family, Self-care, Stress, Work life