Recommendations for professional preparation in dance for the public schools of Missouri

Burdick, Dolores M. Plunk
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Two original questionnaires were developed to survey principals (Grades K-12), city directors of PE, and PE teachers in public schools in Missouri to determine the status of movement education, rhythmical activities, and dance; to determine the professional preparation of PE teachers who instruct in the 3 areas; and to determine the professed attitudes of those surveyed toward these 3 areas. Principals and PE teachers were randomly stratified and 20% of the population were surveyed; all PE directors were surveyed. It was found that structured forms of movement were taught more often than creative forms. A majori-ty of administrative personn~l favored more areas of dance being included in the PE curricula and would like more coed classes than were being taught. PE teachers indicated a lack of professional preparation in the 3 areas surveyed; 40-50% would be willing to participate in in-service classes in the 3 areas. Administrative personnel attended related activities (music concerts, theatre, art, musicals, and square dancing) more often than they participated and PE teachers attended and participated more in team, individual and dual sports activities than in dance and related activities. It was concluded that the apparent deficiency of the content areas of the 3 areas is more a· result of a lack of interest and/or inadequate professional education of PE teachers than any other variable.

Dance, Study of dance, Teaching dance