Effects of preferred taped music on compliance with exercise regimens for osteoarthritic patients




Thurmond, Leslie Lee

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of preferred taped music on the compliance of osteoarthritic subjects with prescribed home exercise programs. Three case studies, using a multiple baseline design across three or four groups of exercises, were completed. A music evaluation was conducted to select preferred music for each subject. The subjects completed Pre and Post-Program Questionnaires. Subjects performed their exercise programs with a series of cassette tapes, f ollowing a baseline period. Preferred music was added to groups of exercises as dictated by the multiple baseline de sign. Means and standard deviations were calculated for each treatment phase. Cox and Stuart Sign Tests were conducted to establish any significant trends. Two subjects charted significant upward trends or maintained compliance with treatment. One subject recorded a significant downward trend for a single exercise group, and maintained compliance for the remaining groups.



Music therapy, Osteoarthritis therapy, Music intervention