DEI Assessment of a Graphic Novel and a Comic Book Collection




Harker, Karen
Byrne, Sephra

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Last year, the UNT Libraries developed methods of assessing collections through DEI lenses. We were particularly interested in meeting the expectations of our students regarding the representation of voices. An advisory board provided guidance to the Collection Assessment Department regarding methods and focus of assessment, as well as link to the community of students and faculty. We selected the Graphic Novel and the Comic Book collections, primarily because these had been developed with the intent of representing a variety of communities. We conducted an online survey and a focus group session regarding the importance of representation in these collections and perceptions of the UNT Libraries' own collections. We then evaluated the quality of the UNT Libraries' collections by comparing our holdings with qualitative lists of titles and series. For this presentation, we will provide insight into our methods, as well as the results of our assessment and our next steps.


Presented at the 2023 CTLC Conference