A comparison of deaf and hearing-impaired to hearing older adults concerning their coronary artery disease health status and health knowledge

Hargrove, Gail
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Twenty deaf and hearing-impaired adults who use American Sign Language and twenty hearing adults aged 50 years and older participated in a study to compare the coronary artery disease (CAD) health knowledge, CAD risk, CAD health status, and health behaviors of the two groups. The problem was also to determine if educational level is related to these variables. The samples were drawn from the congregations of two churches in Dallas, Texas and additional deaf subjects were obtained from Dallas Association for the Deaf.

Study participants completed a questionnaire which included (1) the adapted Heart Chec Plus Profile, (2) the Healthy Heart IQ test, (3) a demographic questionnaire, and (4) a letter to the participant.

Except for educational level, on which the hearing group was significantly higher (p<.05), the two groups were similar in all demographic data and physical characteristics. No significant differences were found between the two groups for CAD health knowledge, CAD risk, CAD health status, and health behaviors. No correlations were found among educational level, CAD risk, and CAD health knowledge. The rankings of eight sources of health information were significantly different (p<.05) only for radio and club. Knowledge is not the major determinant of CAD risk and health behaviors in this study.

Health and environmental sciences, Education