On the march: Respectfully, Jubal A. Early




Zander, Cecily Nelson

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Emerging Civil War


Any of us who suffer from the affliction of needing to walk at high speeds – and are miffed by those who prefer more laconic strolling – will immediately empathize with Thomas J. Jackson and Alexander S. Pendleton’s frustration after a tiring march in the early fall of 1862. Jackson, the master of the march, found troops belonging to Jubal A. Early’s division from his wing of the Army of Northern Virginia’s struggling to keep pace with the lead elements of his column. Never one to let sleeping dogs lie, or straggling men rest, Jackson asked his adjutant to enquire about the straggling to the division’s commander; and, for his trouble, received a typically acerbic Early reply.


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Antietam, D.H. Hill, Jubal A. Early, On the march, Sandie Pendleton, Stonewall Jackson, Winchester


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