A methodology for teaching observational skills to staff nurses

Wilson, Paulette
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A two-group experimental design was used to determine if the Observation Schema (OS) teaching methodology would make a difference in observational skills of 60 registered staff nurses in a federally supported hospital for veterans. Subjects were randomly assigned by lottery method to either control or experimental groups and were pretested and posttested with the Observation Skills Assessment Tool (OSAT). The OSAT contained a demographic data sheet, videotape, and questionnaire. The experimental group received a class on the Observation Schema.

A two-way analysis of variance with repeated measures showed no significant difference between groups in observational skills ability. A significant positive correlation was found between highest degree earned and observational skills scores. Age and years of nursing experience were significantly and inversely correlated to observational skills scores. A Stepwise Multiple Regression analysis of the data showed that the pretest score and the highest degree earned in nursing accounted for the majority of the variance (31.8%) in the dependent variable, the observational skills score.

Health education, Adult education, Continuing education, Teaching, Observational skills