Social Skills Guide Donation Edition: Improving Social Participation by Enhancing Social Skills for Brain Injury Survivors




Stricklin, Adrian

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The brain injury population is growing steadily, with many individuals being affected by post-brain injury deficits. In particular, this population is at risk for social isolation due to the barriers presented after their injury. This project addresses a gap identified through an occupational therapy lens. The aim is to improve social participation by enhancing social skills for brain injury survivors. In doing so, a social skills guide donation edition was created to address the needs of brain injury survivors at the Brain Injury Network Organization. The project was completed over four phases: administering an initial survey, assembling the Social Skills Guide: Donation Edition, implementing the guide, and administering the evaluation survey of the guide. The four phases were completed over 14 weeks with a total of eight participants who utilized the guide. The results indicated a positive impact on the participant's social skills and overall social participation. It can be concluded that occupational therapists play a role in nontraditional settings and can provide assistance to this population to improve their overall quality of life.



Brain injury, Brain injury survivor, Social participation, Social skills, Guide, Occupational therapy