The relationship between the American Red Cross HIV/AIDS educational program's service delivery and the use of community organization




Coyle, Thomas D.

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Success of community organization in health education is well documented. No study to date had been undertaken to explore use of community organization and the American Red Cross's unique HIV/AIDS educational programs. This pilot study utilized a convenience sample of 28 Texas Red Cross units to examine the relationship between the use of community organization and its effect on the service delivery of Red Cross HIV/AIDS education in Texas. Unit's representatives were surveyed by a questionnaire developed for this study. Service delivery success was accessed through annual reports made by each unit to the American Red Cross regarding enrollee count in HIV/AIDS educational classes. Enrollment was compared to the unit's population, resulting in a performance ranking. Three performance rankings were examined in relationship to use of core elements of community organization. A description of the results compared patterns in the success of program delivery to the use of community organization.



Health and environmental sciences, Education, Immune deficiency