Relationships between selected demographic characteristics and women health care workers' attitudes toward sexual harassment

Lindsey, Virginia Belsan
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The purpose of this study was to determine if certain demographic characteristics are associated with attitudes toward sexual harassment among health care workers. The intent was to provide descriptive information sufficient to aid the development of an appropriate intervention based on salient characteristics of the audience. Data were collected from 36 respondents. A randomized sample of convenience of women health care workers who volunteered to participate was used to participate in this study.

The study employed a survey instrument that was scored using a Likert type scale. The first 14 questions determined the characteristics of demographics of the respondent. The next 19 questions were the Sexual Harassment Attitude Survey developed by Mazer and Percival (1988). Included in the first questionnaire were the following variables: age, a rural or urban upbringing, a religion was noted. No significance was noted using ANOVAs to determine the relationship between the SHAS and rural or urban upbringing, ethnicity, family composition and/or dynamics, educational level attained, or income.

Health and environmental sciences, Psychology, Sexual Harassment Attitude Survey