Reflecting back and Looking Ahead: An analysis of student nurses post-study abroad reflections and perceived future nursing career impacts




Glogowski, Kat
Talleff, Jennifer

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Purpose: To explore nursing students' perceived impact of study abroad experiences on their future careers. Background: A review of the literature reveals the transformative nature of study abroad experiences in both personal and professional capacities to include growth in self-efficacy, adaptability, and sensitivity. However, the literature did not reveal any studies of nursing students' perceptions on the benefits of study abroad within the context of their future careers. Methodology: A qualitative thematic analysis. Nine baccalaureate nursing students enrolled in a Healthcare in Great Britain course completed an end of course report consisting of open ended, reflective questions. Eighteen total responses were hand coded by the primary student researcher and then reviewed and discussed with team members. Conclusion: Impacts were grouped thematically. Findings can be utilized by faculty and students to increase awareness of the benefits study abroad experiences bring to future nursing careers.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium