Welcome to the Machine: Embracing emerging AI technology to support active learning and critical information literacy




Owens, Erin
Johnson, Stacy
Kim, Dianna
Menendez, Hannah

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Despite concerns that generative AI tools such as ChatGPT may enable student laziness or plagiarism, librarians have an opportunity to leverage ChatGPT creatively in instruction to help students hone critical information literacy skills, including known-citation searching, fact-checking, source analysis, and the ethical use of information. In this session, presenters will describe a learning activity that leveraged ChatGPT-generated essays in order to “do more with less” in teaching information literacy: experientially build student understanding of database searching techniques, fact-checking, and more; increase faculty knowledge of AI’s current capabilities and limits; and reinforce the value of library collections, services, and personnel. Session participants will complete the activity in the role of students to better understand its potential and envision applications at their institutions. The speakers will discuss the activity’s conceptualization, rapid cost-free development, implementation outcomes, and faculty and student feedback from four sections of an introductory English class.


Presented at the 2023 CTLC Conference