Menstrual synchronization




Klebanoff, Nina A.

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Significance. This phenomenologic study produced descriptions of menstrual synchronization, which is a significant coming together of the onset of menstrual cycles between or among women. These descriptions will assist nurses to design effective strategies and techniques to help women gain knowledge about their cycle functions as well as acknowledge and honor this aspect of their menstrual cycle. Previous scientific studies that documented the objective existence of menstrual synchrony did not discuss the subjective meaning of the experience of menstrual synchronization from the perspective of women who were studied.

Theoretical framework. Martha Rogers' (1970, 1986, 1990) existing conceptual framework of the Science of Unitary Human Beings, Carl G. Jung's (1955, 1973) theory regarding synchronicity, as well as aspects of general systems and human systems theory provided the theoretical framework for the findings. This was especially useful because it generated a systems view of health from which to approach menstrual synchronization, a natural, healthy phenomenon.



Nursing, Womens studies, Psychobiology, Menstruation