Occupational Therapy Toolkits Empower the Transition From Foster Care to Adulthood




Fernandez, Stacie

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Aging out of the foster care system is correlated with adversities that can impact the transition to adulthood. Transition services aid in the journey to adulthood, but youth and young adults with a history of foster care express concerns about the lack of support for essential life skills needed for success. Limited research exists, but growing evidence supports occupational therapy (OT) as a means of helping youth and young adults transition from foster care to adulthood. The population of interest was youth and young adults associated with THRU Project who have lived experience in foster care; henceforth, they will be referred to as the youth. The aim of the doctoral capstone experience (DCE) and project was to develop digital tools and resources, termed OT Toolkits, for THRU Project. These OT Toolkits are designed to enhance independence in daily activities, aligning with the Person-Environment-Occupation-Performance (PEOP) OT model.



Foster care, Transition services, Support services, Foster children, Foster child, Youth aging out, Life skills training, Independent living, Independence