Relationship between primary instrument and elementary music specialists' preferred teaching methodology




Jones, Alicia

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The purpose of this study was to determine if a relationship exists between elementary music teachers' primary instrument, personal musical experiences, and his/her choice of primary teaching methodology and related activities utilized in the music classroom. A survey, developed to assess relationships that may exist between preferred teaching methodology and primary instrument, was sent to music educators within the elementary division of the Texas Music Educators Association.

Out of 210 respondents, results indicate that Kodály was preferred by vocalists (50%). Woodwind players (35%) and guitarists (33%) ranked Kodály equally with Orff. Orff was preferred among string (60%), brass (52%), percussion (45%), and keyboard (39%) players. The results of this study indicate that no strong relationship exists between elementary music teachers' primary instruments and musical experiences and their preferred methodology, and types of activities used in the music classroom, but identify how primary instrument may influence the learning experiences of students.



Communication and the arts, Education, Dalcroze, Elementary, Kodaly, Music, Orff