The sociology of aging: A gay male perspective




Cruz, Joe Michael

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This study was exploratory in nature and collected data from 125 men who identified as gay/homosexual or bisexual and were aged 55 and older. Respondents were from Texas cities: Austin, Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio. Persons were asked about social support/relationships/involvement, health and well-being, housing, and employment. Findings are comparable to existing literature on men in this age group and of this sexual orientation. Persons taking part in this research were primarily White and middle-class. They self-described as in good or excellent health and as typically happy. Additionally, men in this study were socially connected with friends, family, or church, and the majority were partnered. Men in this study, most homeowners, did not necessarily support, advocate, or want same-sex institutionalized housing. They found institutionalized housing, albeit same-sex, undesirable. Further research with a larger and more diverse sample is needed in order to explore these same issues with persons who are not so socially connected and are of varying racial/ethnic background.



Social sciences, Aging, Gay, Men, Sociology