Improving Health and Wellness Through the Implementation of a Family Support Program




Bayer, Karley

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The purpose of this program is to increase support for individuals with IDD and their caregivers within the Denton community. A curriculum was developed in the form of an educational group series, of which provided information to improve the health and wellness of individuals with IDD and their families. The program focused on subjects related to basic knowledge of IDD, therapeutic activities, safety, coping strategies, and suggestions for how to create and maintain a support group over time. In order to advocate for the needs of the IDD population, this program was also shared with day habilitation programs, IDD committees, and schools within the surrounding community to promote sustainability. Focusing on families as a unit will foster opportunities and empower individuals with IDD and their caregivers to establish a safe environment through sharing resources, experiences, and supportive connection.



Health, Wellness, Occupational therapy, Intellectual developmental disability (IDD), Caregiver, Family