Boosting Efficiency and Data Quality in Batch Editing MARC Records




Kim, Misu
Cong, Emlyn

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This presentation will discuss MarcEdit and OCLC Connexion and illustrate how cataloging librarians or Technical Services librarians can utilize these tools to do more projects with less effort. Massive numbers of MARC records can be edited effectively and efficiently by using these utilities. Vendors send various types of MARC files, but record quality and issues vary. Setting up a customized automatic editing process for each vendor expedites record editing, which eventually accelerates patrons’ resource discovery and access. This presentation will share tips and tricks that the presenters acquired from using these tools for more than 15 years and discuss real world examples. We will also demonstrate creating MARC records for theses and dissertations by editing machine-generated data with MarcEdit and OCLC Constant Data. This session will be beneficial to any librarian who is looking for cost-effective ways to manage MARC records or enhance the quality of vendor-supplied MARC records.


Presented at the 2023 CTLC Conference