The history of the Texas Woman's University music therapy program from 1957 to 1977




Goodreau, Nora J.

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The purpose of the study was to provide an historical record of the originating events and the early contributors of the Texas Woman's University music therapy program from the years 1957 to 1977. Documentation (personal correspondence and program files) was organized to develop a chronology of events of the music therapy program over a twenty year period. Taped interviews of one administrator, three faculty members, and two students were administered to obtain personal observations of the program's changes in facilities, equipment, administration, faculty, research, curriculum, student enrollment, type of student, music therapy internship, first employment, current employment, and involvement in the field of music therapy, respectively. The results indicated that the Texas Woman's University music therapy program has progressed in its first twenty years and has generated positive feelings about it on the part of not only those who were involved in its development, but also on the part of former students.



Health and environmental sciences, Education history, Guidance counseling, Health education, Academic counseling