A creative hands on approach to teaching nutrition chronic diseases




Lopez-Neyman, Stephanie M.

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A health disparity population, typically the poor and minority subgroups, experience a significantly higher incidence and prevalence of nutrition chronic diseases. The purpose of my project engages adults to take charge of their health for the prevention of nutrition chronic diseases. I hypothesize that a hands‐on curriculum teaches low‐literate, low‐income adults the underlying mechanism(s) contributing to nutrition chronic diseases. An additional hypothesis is that social cognitive theory using the construct of self‐efficacy supports prevention, promotion or treatment of nutrition chronic diseases. My project is deliverable by way of a 9‐week curriculum (e.g., Gases to Chronic Disease, Atoms, Carbohydrate, and Obesity) at any physical location. The developed curriculum shows in the short‐term nudges towards the prevention of heart disease (e.g., olive oil use instead of lard). My project provides a solution to lessen the gap in health disparities. Elimination of health disparities saves billions on direct health care expenditures.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium


Health disparities, Prevention, Nutrition education