Re-test reliability of Family L.I.F.E.




Rosello, Stacy Sue

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Family L.I.F.E. (Looking into Family Experiences) is an occupation-based semi-structured interview that provides direction toward family centered care. While validity of the tool was explored, reliability was not established. The goal of this study was to determine test-retest reliability of Family L.I.F.E. with two occupational therapists and fifteen families with a child on the autism spectrum. Family L.I.F.E. was administered per protocol. Each participant identified and rated five family occupations on efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction. One week later, each participant re-identified and rated the original family occupations on the same parameters. A mean percentage of 92% was calculated for the occupations re-identified in the entire item pool. Mean score differences for effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction were analyzed using the Wilcoxon Sign Ranks Test. Significant differences were found on the satisfaction parameter. The Spearman Rho Correlation Coefficient revealed positive relationships on all parameters. Results indicate that Family L.I.F.E.'s re-test reliability is good.



Health and environmental sciences, Social sciences, Autism spectrum disorder