Comparison of performance of English as a second language certified nurse's aide students on the original and revised basic life support ESL exam




Velez-Reyna, Yolanda

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The comparative, quantitative design was used in a study that measured the effects of modifications made to the wording of questions from the Original American Heart Association (AHA) Version “A” Basic Life Support (BLS) English as a Second Language (ESL) exam. Test scores of ESL Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) taking the Original Version “A” BLS ESL exam (group one) were compared to those taking the Revised BLS ESL exam (group two). The convenience sample (N = 40) consisted of ESL CNAs.

Random assignment of 40 ESL CNAs to group one or group two was implemented by choosing numbers from a hat. Group one was given the Original Exam ( n = 20) and group two was given the Revised Exam (n = 20). Demographic data were gathered prior to testing and comments regarding both exams were obtained posttesting. An independent samples t-test of ( t = −.341) and (p = 0.375) was used to determine that there was no statistically significant difference (p > .05) in test score means between groups in this sample (N = 40) at a 95% confidence interval.



Health and environmental sciences, Nurse-patient relationship, Limited English proficiency