Tillie Olsen: A comparative study of two works of fiction and their film adaptations

Owen, Carolyn Sutton
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The purpose of this study is to make information about Tillie Olsen available and to aid in the understanding of her stories, "I Stand Here Ironing" and "Tell Me a Riddle," and of the two films based on these literary works.

The study is based on the reading of all of Olsen's works, all available commentary on Olsen and her writings. Major sources of data included biographical articles, critical reviews and essays, and interviews found in journals, magazines, newspapers, and reference books.

While both films are sincere attempts in interpreting Olsen's written works, it is my conclusion that the special quality of universality in Olsen's writings does not translate in either film. Although the films are substantive and entertaining, they cannot substitute for Olsen's literature.

Communication and the arts, Social sciences, Education, Language, literature, and linguistics