Health behaviors and attitudes of selected Nigerian and American university students




Igbani, B. Maduabuchi Anaso

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This study compared the differences between health behaviors and attitudes of selected groups of Nigerian and American university students enrolled in either Texas Woman's University or North Texas State University. Of the 100 students who participated in the study, 40 were Nigerians and 60 were Americans. The procedures employed in the study were (a) construction of a research questionnaire and validation of its content by a panel of five experts from the health education profession, (b) establishment of the questionnaire's reliability via a pilot study (r =.95), and (c) administration of the questionnaire. Analysis of the data resulted in a significant overall multivariate F-test between the two groups of students. While no significant differences existed between the two groups in the areas of nutrition, safety, exercise, mental health, personal health, and attitudes, there was a significant difference in the area of drug-related behavior. No significant differences existed in health behavior and attitudes among the Nigerian students with regard to their length of stay in America. It is recommended that the academic curriculum place greater emphasis on drug education, giving special consideration to cultural variations within the student population.



Health and environmental sciences, Nigerian students, Education