The effects of music on behavioral and cognitive skills in an individual with Down syndrome




Hsueh, Michelle Yuan

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of music therapy on changing behaviors of an individual with Down Syndrome. A single case study using a combined changing criterion/multiple baseline design across three settings was completed. Music interventions, including listening to preferred music and singing with number songbook, were used to increase the participant's ability to (a) stay appropriately in line with peers at school, (b) identify the numbers one through ten in music therapy sessions, and (c) stay by the participant's mother's side at the store. The participant received the musical rewards when therapeutic goals were obtained at each criterion level. Data taken on the participant's ability to stay in line with peers at school was incomplete. Graphic analyses in the last two settings revealed that music therapy interventions increased the participant's ability to identify numbers correctly 100% of the time and to stay by her mother's side at least 85% of the time while shopping.



Cognitive skills, Music education, Cognitive therapy, Behavioral sciences, Communication and the arts