Stereotypes among psychology graduate students toward peers who are pregnant/mothers




Shafir, Dana Z.

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Although a limited amount of research exists, negative stereotypes about women, and particularly about those who are pregnant and/or are mothers, have been documented in occupational and academic settings. The purpose of this study was to examine existing stereotypes among psychology graduate students toward peers who are pregnant and/or are mothers. It was hypothesized that negative stereotypes toward peers who are mothers and/or are pregnant would be found within psychology graduate programs. Additionally, it was predicted that gender differences would be found, whereby men would indicate more negative stereotypes than women. It was also believed that differences between psychology disciplines would be revealed. Moreover, it was expected that a relationship between parenting status and stereotypes would be found, whereby students who are not parents would possess more negative stereotypes than those who are parents. Although the data did not support the first three hypotheses, they did confirm the fourth hypothesis. Findings provided interesting implications for theory, research, and practice in the field of psychology.



Social sciences, Education, Psychology, Graduate students, Mothers, Peer attitudes, Pregnancy, Psychology students, Stereotypes