Access and Utilization of Mental Health Services Among Autistic People




Reed, Alexander
Murray, Xania
Johnson, Wendi L.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder is often associated with co-occurring psychiatric conditions (e.g., anxiety, depression, PTSD). Consequently, many people remain undiagnosed or misdiagnosed (Au-Young et al., 2018; Baron-Cohen et al., 2009; Cassidy et al., 2018; Kim et al., 2011; Rydén et al., 2008; Takara & Kondo, 2014), increasing their risk of mental health (MH) problems (Cam-Crosby et al., 2019). The existence of two systems for disabilities and MHS often results in ping-ponging between the two (Maddox & Gaus, 2019). In addition, affordable and effective health care is often inaccessible. MH institutions often have difficulty providing support for individuals with autism due to a lack of understanding and knowledge of Autism with co-occurring psychiatric conditions (Camm-Crosbie et al., 2019). The researchers are conducting this review to identify (1) the roadblocks faced by Autistic individuals when seeking MHS, (2) what can be done to improve MH identification and treatment in Autistic individuals, and (3) why some Autistic individuals do not seek treatment when available. (Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Wendi Johnson)