The efficacy of an online support group centered on "Intuitive Eating"




Dacar, Morgan

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This study examined whether an online support group based on the principles derived from "Intuitive Eating" would improve disordered eating behaviors in those who identified themselves as having an unhealthy relationship with food. Educational materials based off the book Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program that Works were developed. There were 6 participants that completed the 8-week online support group. A paired t-test compared pre and post online session EAT-26 test scores with significance set at P < 0.05. No significant changes were found in total EAT-26 scores or for the subcategories of Dieting and Oral Control. Significant changes were found in the EAT-26 subcategory of Bulimia and Food Preoccupation; scores from this category showed an improvement in these thoughts and behaviors. Results indicated that an online support group centered on "Intuitive Eating" could be a useful tool to help those with an unhealthy relationship food.



Biological sciences, Intuitive eating, Nutrition, Food science