Evaluation of the effectiveness of the contraceptive education program in the Life Planning Health Sciences




Khorrami, Farkhondeh

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A contraceptive knowledge questionnaire was used to evaluate the cognitive effectiveness of the contraceptive education program at the Life Planning Health Services in Denton and Lewisville, Texas. The pre and posttest with a control group design was used. The treatment group consisted of 42 female new clients from the Life Planning. The control group consisted of 38 females from a local church. In this study participants having previous contraceptive education were eliminated. Subjects in the treatment group were tested before and after the Life Planning's contraceptive educational session. Subjects in the control group were tested twice during a one week period. A one way analysis of covariance and a multiple regression technique were used to analyze the data. The treatment group's gained knowledge was significantly higher than the control group. The degree of gained knowledge was not related to the age, marital status, and educational level of the participants.



Distribution of contraceptives, Sex education, Sexual counseling