Parents United for Healthy Children: A Simultaneous Caregiver Education Program




Limon, Maritza

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This capstone project was completed by an occupational therapy student from Texas Woman’s University and took place at a public library in Lewisville, Texas. This study investigated the impact of a simultaneous approach comprising an educational caregiver program, a web-based platform for Hispanic caregivers of children diagnosed with autism, and a Spanish reading book club for their children. Through a mixed-methods design, the effects of this capstone project were assessed on caregiver self-efficacy and autonomy. The culturally relevant educational program, tailored to Hispanic caregivers of children with autism in their native language, equipped caregivers with knowledge and skills to effectively support their children, while the Spanish reading book club provided enriching learning experiences for the children. Quantitative data from pre- and post-program Caregiver Strain Questionnaires (CGSQ) were analyzed alongside qualitative insights from a focus group discussion. Results indicate significant improvements in caregiver self-efficacy and autonomy, underscoring the importance of caregiver advocacy and cultural sensitivity in fostering positive outcomes in childcare.



Autism Spectrum Disorder OR Autism, Hispanic, Caregivers, Educational program, Resources, Cultural sensitivity