Unit Based Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Wright, Lidiaty
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Nurses’ awareness about pressure ulcer prevention is important to help reduce the occurrence of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers, improve quality of care for patients, decrease patients’ length of stay and suffering, and increase revenue from reimbursement from Medicare. Literature supports there is an association between nursing knowledge, pressure ulcer prevention training, and a patient’s outcome. The educational project involved teaching nurses and nursing assistants about pressure ulcer prevention through hands-on learning, observation, lecture, and coaching. The education was through PowerPoint presentations, flyers, computer web-based learning modules, coaching, and discussion during shift huddles. The education also included case studies to increase interest and motivation of learning. Appointed “skin champions” were trained through hands-on techniques so they could develop self-efficacy and self - confidence to teach the other nurses about pressure ulcer prevention. The nurses took pre- and post-test. The staff received a reward when they provided correct answers to the post-training questionnaire.

Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium