A comparison of two types of resistance exercises, machine weight versus elastic band exercises, on blood glucose and insulin responses in postmenopausal women




Philippi Jr., Harold George

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Both aerobic and resistance exercise have been hailed as part of the solution for individuals with pre-type 2 diabetes mellitus. However, to date no studies have looked into the acute effects of exercise on insulin/glucose metabolism comparing machine weight exercises and elastic band resistance exercises. Therefore the purpose of this study was to compare two forms of resistance exericse, machine weight versus elastic band exercise and their effects on glucose and insulin responses in postmenopausal women. Ten healthy, normoglycemic (fasting glucose: 85.6 ± 5.3 mg/dL), sedentary postmenopausal womencompleted the study (57 ± 8.3 years). Each participant performed three trials, one using machine weight exercises, one using elastic band exercises and a rest trial. The resistance exercise trials were conducted in circuit fashion for three sets, and were comprised of 10 total exercises. Eight of the ten exercises were with resistance for upper and lower body, while the remaining two exercises were unloaded core exercises. Each exercise set consisted of 12-15 repetitions. Dietary intake was recorded for three days prior to each trial and analyzed. After an overnight fast, an oral glucose challenge was performed 18 – 24 hours after the two exercise and one rest trials. No main effect for trial (MWRE, ELBRE, Rest) were observed on insulin, C-peptide or glucose compared to rest (p > .05). There were no main effect differences between insulin, C-peptide and glucose area under the curve ( p > .05). There was no main effect difference for trial on the Cederholm insulin sensitivity index (p > .05) . There were no main effect for trial by 3-day or 1-day macronutrient intake (all p > .05).

Resistance exercises utilizing both machine weight and elastic band had comparable (no) effect on insulin, C-peptide and glucose metabolism after an acute bout for these particular healthy, sedentary, postmenopausal women. The practical application for elastic band resistance exercises, from this study, are questionable compared to more traditional resistance exercises for possibly altering insulin, C-peptide and glucose responses.



Pure sciences, Biological sciences, Health and environmental sciences, Blood glucose, Blood insulin, Elastic band exercise, Machine weight, Postmenopausal women, Resistance exercise