Marital quality in African American marital unions: A content analysis study



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The purpose of this study was to conduct a content analysis of the scholarly literature on marital quality in African American marital unions in 20 scholarly journals, and in TWU dissertations published from 2008-2018. This content analysis study used a combination of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods articles and one dissertation to achieve a better understanding of this topic. Five themes emerged after coding the identified journal articles and dissertation. Those themes include Religion, Weakness Diminished by Strengths, Core Values, Commitment, and Satisfaction. This content analysis study adds to the body of knowledge on marital quality, enhances the understanding of what couples reported has helped them form marital quality in their marital unions, and shares some themes that have emerged in the literature on marital quality in African American marital unions between 2008-2018.



Marital quality, African American, African American marital unions, Marital unions, Content analysis