The effects of a high-intensity exercise bout on landing biomechanics post anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A quasi-experimental study




Alanazi, Ahmad Dhahawi
Mitchell, Katy
Roddey, Toni
Alenazi, Aqeel M.
Alzharni, Msaad M.
Almansour, Ahmed M.
Ortiz-Rodriguez, Alexis

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Background: We aimed to examine the effect of a high-intensity exercise bout on landing biomechanics in soccer players who underwent anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) and non-injured soccer players during a soccer-specific landing maneuver.

Methods: Eighteen soccer players who underwent ACLR and 18 normal soccer players were enrolled in this investigation (ACLR group; age, 26.11 ± 3.95 years; body mass index, 23.52 ± 2.69 kg/m2; surgery time, 5 ± 3.30 years: control group; age, 25.83 ± 3.51 years; body mass index, 24.09 ± 3.73 kg/m2, respectively). Participants were evaluated during the landing maneuver before and after carrying out the high-intensity exercise bout using the Wingate test. The intensity of the exercise was defined as a blood lactate accumulation of at least 4 mmol/L. The dependent variables included sagittal-plane kinematics and kinetics of the ankle, knee and hip joints, and electromyography activity of the gastrocnemius, hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteus maximus.

Results: On 2 × 2 analysis of variance, none of the dependent variable showed significant exercise×group interactions. Regardless of group, significant main effects of exercise were found. Post-exercise landing was characterized by increased flexion of hip (p = 0.01), knee (p = 0.001), and ankle joints (p = 0.002); increased extension moments of hip (p = 0.009), knee (p = 0.012), and ankle joints (p = 0.003), as well as decreased quadriceps activity (p = 0.007).

Conclusion: At 1 year or more post-ACLR, the effect of the high-intensity exercise bout on landing biomechanics is not expected to differ from that experienced by healthy soccer players.



Soccer, Fatigue, High-intensity exercise, Landing biomechanics, ACL reconstruction


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