Evaluation of a program involving nutrition education and exercise for obese women

Bordelon, Melanie A.
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The purpose of the study was to modify and evaluate a pilot nutrition education program for weight control and attitude change. Eight weeks of nutrition education sessions were conducted, anthropometric measurements taken, and questionnaires and three day food diaries were issued. A follow up to the study was performed. Results of the study showed that the majority of the women had moderate to severe problems with binge eating, which remained at fol low up. Results of the attitude questionnaire identified that the women had enough knowledge initially and good attitudes towards change, but did not choose to change as evidenced by low scores in the behavior category. The subjects did not lose any significant amount of weight, and did not change their attitudes or behaviors substantially . The information obtained suggests that nutrition education alone is not effective for weight loss in obese women.

Obesity, Overweight persons, Nutrition counseling, Exercise therapy