Microaggressions and the Health Impacts on Latinas




Rios, Jeannine

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This dissertation will be the first study to examine the health impacts of microaggressions on Latinas. The goal of this dissertation is to help advance awareness about the deleterious effects of microaggressions and inform future public health programming. The current author will describe her study which will look at mental and physical health and well-being outcomes in relation to microaggressions which is a subtle type of discrimination that people of color experience daily and throughout their lives. Research on microaggressions among the Latino population is scarce. Latinas also represent a high need population who have historically faced discrimination and numerous health disparities. As this COVID-19 pandemic has made clear, many health disparities exist in our nation. This study aims to address structures such as environmental microaggressions that exist to maintain systems of oppression.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium