Developmental stages and body image in post hysterectomy women




Barnett, Kathy

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An ex-post facto nonexperimental study was conducted to determine the difference in body image of women in the developmental stages of young adulthood and middle adulthood after having a hysterectomy. The conceptual framework was based on Schilder’s (1950) concept of body image and Kaguler and Kaguler’s (1979) concept of developmental stages. The sample consisted of 33 subjects; 15 subjects in the young adulthood and 18 subjects in the middle adulthood group. Young adulthood consisted of an age range of 20-35 years, and middle adulthood consisted of an age range of 36-50 years. The post hysterectomy period ranged from 2 to 6 months. Body image was determined by the three combined scores of the Tennessee Self-Concept Scale (Total P score, the Physical Self score, and the Personal Self score). The t test was used to analyze the data. The results showed no significant difference in the body image scores between the two groups at the .05 level.



Women, Body image, Hysterectomy, Self-concept