Glycemic response to oat bread and cottonseed bread in non-diabetic females




Proske, Sandra L.

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Glycemic index (GI) tables provide a means of identifying the starchy foods with lower glycemic potential that may be offered on trial to people with diabetes. Wheat bread has a high GI. To expand on this information base, a study to determine the glycemic response for an oat bread and a cottonseed bread was conducted using eight healthy female volunteers between 18 and 32 years of age. Plasma glucose levels were measured at 0 (fasting), 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes and expressed as a percentage of the area under the postprandial glucose curve for that food expressed as a percentage of the area under a reference food (white bread), with the carbohydrate content being equivalent in both foods. Plasma glucose responses were found to be lower for both oat bread and cottonseed bread than for white bread. Means of individual glycemic index results determined GI values of 89.7 for oat bread and 83.5 for cottonseed bread.



Women's nutrition, Oat bran, Cottonseed meal, Bread, Glycemic index