Exploratory Research of Methods to Recycle Silica Waste

Gallenstein, Raven
Salazar, Gustavo A.
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During the last few decades, electronic waste (e-waste) has been on the rise due to the short lifespan of technology. Silicon dioxide, commonly known as silica, has been present in many different electronics such as printed circuit boards and microchips. With the excess amount of silica in waste, it is necessary to find more eco-friendly ways to recycle it. Furthermore, silica has many possible re-uses including making new electronics and aiding with the removal of precious metals from electronic waste. In a broader sense, it is increasingly important to start maintaining a circular economy for materials such as silica to reduce their impact on the planet. This poster will review the different methods being used to recycle silica found in e-waste and hypothesize new methodology to do so more efficiently for the reduction of silica e-waste en route to landfills.

Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium