Novel luminescent metallopolymers of platinum(II), gold(I), copper(I): Their synthesis, characterization and potential optoelectronic applications




Vasabhaktula, Priyanka

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This thesis with it 59 pp., 19 Figures and references is a study of group 10 and 11 based metallopolymers. This topic is a part of a research on metallopolymers for various optoelectronic applications. This thesis discusses the major chapters that involve synthetic strategies to obtain and enhance the phosphorescence of luminescent metallopolymer of Pt(II),Ag(I) and Cu(I).

The first chapter includes an introduction to photoluminescence, luminescent group 10 and 11 monovalent complexes, metallopolymers and their application as light emitting diodes. The second chapter includes the photophysical characterization of the Pt(II) metallopolymers, which have been found to exhibit Pt-centered phosphorescence. The third chapter includes the photophysical characterization of the silver (I) and copper(I) metallopolymers, which have been investigated as an inexpensive alternate to Pt(II) analogues and were also found to exhibit metal-centered phosphorescence.The spectroscopic and materials properties of all metallopolymers are compared and contrasted versus the metal ion, ligands in the metal precursor.



Pure sciences, Inorganic chemistry, Metal-centered phosphorescence