Psychological aspects of sensibility impairment




Krotoski, Judith A. Bell

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The aim of this investigation was to explore the psychological aspects of sensibility impairment, with particular emphasis on coping and adaptive strategies individuals use to manage their needs, stress and emotions, as well as factors influencing their recovery and participation in life roles. A review of the literature supported that patient coping is not usually included in measures of patient status after peripheral nerve injury and disease. Patient interviews included in this work supported the importance of coping and adaptation skills in those with sensibility impairment, in addition to traditional physical status and functional measures. This line of investigation is needed in order to identify factors that can potentially improve patient outcome satisfaction with return to work and valued life activity. This information can add to the base of understanding for examiners who intervene in the lives of clients with efforts to restore their ability to work, socialize, and pursue selected areas of interest.



Health and environmental sciences, Psychology, Clinical psychology, Physical therapy