Teachers teaching reading: A study of the reading instruction perceptions of teachers of grades four through eight




Scates, Denni Kay

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This study examines the perceptions of teachers in grades four through eight as they relate to reading instruction, both from the factors they perceive are important and what they perceive they need to know. Participants were volunteers attending professional staff development sessions facilitated by an Education Service Center, Region 10 educational consultant. Two survey studies (n = 313) and a follow-up phone interview study (n = 9) were conducted and findings were comparable. Teachers answered demographic questions and rated survey items on a 5-point Likert-type scale. Findings indicated that participants in this present study perceived that self-efficacy was the most important factor in their classroom reading instruction and multiple literacies was the area the participants perceived as needing to know the most about. Content area teachers had lower importance ratings than did English/Language Arts teachers, and lower need to know ratings in three of the four variables. Implications for future research, as well as for future professional staff development were discussed.



Education, Eighth-grade, Fourth-grade, Reading instruction, Staff development